About Cremation Services International

Welcome to Cremation Services International. We are an International Network of licensed funeral homes which provide basic cremation services for your loved one. The cost for the basic cremation service is $995.00 USD.

We provide you the ease of identifying a source, for the cremation of your loved one, at a moment's notice. Our guidance counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help coordinate a basic cremation service for your loved one, anywhere within the United States and Canada.

We understand that in today's world, many loved ones live far away. The cost to manage their care, once they have left us, can be costly. What we offer is an affordable solution to ensure your loved ones are properly taken care of no matter where they are located, nationwide. We serve as the conduit between you and the basic cremation service provider within the United States and Canada.

The idea for Cremation Services International started out in 1999, when our founder, Robert W. Ward, was stricken with the death of his only son Justin. Robert did not have enough money to bury Justin or hold a memorial service. He had nowhere to turn. He ended up finding a place to help him by searching through his local phone book. After the tragedy, Robert never forgot what it felt like to have a loved one die suddenly and not have anywhere to turn. Thus, he founded Cremation Services International, to help those in need as he once was.

Mission Statement:

To service the cremation service market for clients seeking dignified, basic cremation services and able to access the internet or a telephone for this purpose.


To help people, worldwide, who are in need of immediate and dignified basic cremation services at a moments notice at an affordable level.